About the product responsibility

This report about the responsibility of the producer for its products refers to the “Law of the Product’s Responsibility” and all its paragraphs must be scrupulously respected. The non observation of the here below listed information will exempt the producer from its responsibilities.
1.0 Report and use of the product: wheels and housings are parts of a mechanical manufacture being generally interchangeable.
They are fitted to the structure of an apparatus / furniture / handling vehicle or similar means in order to make it mobile. This product information refers to the wheels and relevant housings used under a non motorized vehicle at a speed lower than 4 km/h and not in a continuous way. Castors, according to this product
information, can be listed in the following application categories:
• Home use (chairs or furniture, e.g.);
• General use (supermarket use or office apparatus, e.g.);
• Medical use (hospital beds or ward trolleys, e.g.)
• Industrial use (handling means with medium or high load capacities, e.g.).
Castors will last for more and have a better working operativeness if such points will be observed:
a) Correct fitting system and in the correct position to the mean of transport;
b) The fitting point must grant an adequate robustness;
c) Castors’ functionality must not be modified because of the fitting;
d) As to the swivel castors, the orthogonality of the housing’s swivel axe towards the floor must be granted.
e) As to the fixed castors, the orthogonality of the wheel’s axe towards the rolling direction must be granted.
f) If only swivel castors are used, such castors must all be the same type.
g) If swivel castors and fixed are used together, all castors must be compatible, as recommended by the producer.
Special products are required if castors are used in such circumstances:
• Outdoor;
• Coast areas;
• Environments with particular aggressive and/or corrosive agents.
Standard temperature use is considered between -5° and +40° C; if the working temperature is not included in the above mentioned range, the castor’s efficiency could be encroached (first of all the load capacity indicated in this catalogue could be reduced). For uses not in standard temperature conditions, particular products are required.
Wheel and its housing are composed by the assembly of different components; the producer is responsible for the original parts being part of the complete castor only. When a castor is chosen, all above aspects must be taken into consideration. The following markings could help and guide you to the right choice.
2.0 Misuse:
one of the following circumstances is considered as an improper use:
2.1 Overload
2.2 Extremely high shocks
2.3 Inadequate floor
2.4 Brake unlock
2.5 Exposure to extreme aggressive chemical agents
2.6 Inadequate temperature exposure
2.7 Excessive speed
2.8 Side stress (applied to fixed castors)
2.9 Penetration in the tread of extraneous bodies
2.10 Modification of any castor’s component without permission of the producer.
3.0 Product suitability:
if the user does not find a product expressly advised by the producer in the catalogue or in any other documentation, castors must be used for a particular use by permission of the producer only.
4.0 Product maintenance:
the usual maintenance of a castor is:
Wheel’s axle greasing;
Housing’s balls race greasing;
Wheel’s axle tightening control;
Housing’s central threaded stem’s tightening control (if any);
Detergents for standard use can be used, upon control about the non presence of abrasive and corrosive agents.
5.0 Product information and user’s manual: it is compulsory that the product information and the user’s manual are available upon request and that the resellers might be sure that their clients have been supplied with the catalogue. OEM (original Equipment Manufacturers) on whose products our castors are fitted must be sure that the final user must be supplied with their user’s manual. In order to assure the proper work of the castors the reseller or the producer of the OEM apparatus must take into consideration the present product information (from item 1.0 to 5.0). Such product information could be supplied to the OEM for publication, prior order.
All drawings, pictures, technical data, and any other information present in this catalogue are not binding and they could be changed without any advise.

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