Types of hub

A correct rotation …
The hub, i.e. the central part of the wheel, is by nature destined to seat the rotation axle either directly and/or with the introduction of appropriate organs enabling an easy rolling (such as balls bearings, roller bearings, bushes…) and is with no doubt an extremely important component being affecting on the whole quality of the castors’ overall performance.
An optimal synergy between the used materials and an appropriate dimensional project is determining a high level result, according to the requested working conditions. Different working situations and environments need accurate, specific and dedicated solutions enabling to improve the functionality of the housing/wheel combination.


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Precision ball bearings

Many versions of radial ball bearings are the best solution for the wheels’ rolling.
Wheels using such bearings are typified by extremely low rolling friction coefficient with high performances even with high load capacities.

Roller bearings

Roller bearings represent a good solution for industrial use wheels being typified by relatively low rolling friction coefficients with high dynamic load capacities. The top speed of wheels using such bearings must not be higher than 4 km/h to garantee the best performance over time.

Plain bearing with self-lubricating bushes

Dry self-lubricating bushes, produced from polymeric material namely polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), are a valid alternative for applications which need characteristics of good mechanical resistance, of dry surface smoothless and anti-adherence; very good qualities of heat resistant and fire resistance without flame transmission, extremely high chemical inertia and complete insolubility in water and in whatever chemical organic solvet (for food industry purposes) and great cost economy.

Plain bearing

The simplest bearing system is a throughhole made in the wheel centre. No required overhaul and good shock resistance are the most important features of the plain bearing hub wheel, being advised for short distance and low speed handlings.

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