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Handling simplicity and flexibility in any circumstances are the most appreciated features by the users of systems held up and moved by castors. Specifically, the needed efforts for swiveling and rolling operations determine the sensations of lightness and precisions of the overall system’s move. Technically best solutions for any application pass through apt choices of the holding and rolling elements enabling more easy and precise movements with a minimal effort, either from the directional and the rotational point of view.


Futura Foro cromataS1X7 - S2X7 - Sintesi Foro InoxLSZ4 ZincataPSP0 - Sintesi 80 7035
Furniture and institutional castors

 H1H2  MSP4 - MasterMaster Nylon - 5140 
Medical and Reha castors

 TSX7 - 3470 piastra inoxTSZ7 - Ind Alta Temperatura Zincata - 3470 no parap TSX7 - Industriale inox pesante 400 ASX8 - AGV Medica 
Industrial castors 

 TPZ8 - Industriale 700 ESZ8 ESZ5 9450
Heavy duty castors

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