Fitting systems

With the best solution …
Housing-wheel systems’ fittings to the elements to be carried and moved can be manifold and should be functional to the final requirements of efficiency and functionality such as, e.g., shock resistance in case of weary work conditions and fitting / unfitting easiness. Many fitting solutions are offered (plate, expander, solid stem…) enable and ensure a successful, fast and safe anchor, even in presence of particular product’s design need.


fissaggio a piastra Derby Ruotefissaggio a espansione Derby Ruotefissaggio perno filettato Derby Ruote





 Threaded stem


 fissaggio perno liscio Derby Ruote fissaggio perno liscio con freno Derby Ruotefissaggio con foro per vite Derby Ruote 

Solid stem


 Central brake solid stem


Bolt hole


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